Home Country - Gold

Home Country - Gold


Price is per 1/2 yard
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Product Description

Home Country - Gold is by Tamara Murray May. Colors include black, white, shades of brown, yellow, shades of red, green, shades of blue, and shades of orange. 100% cotton fabric. 44”/45” wide.⁣

⁣$12.30/yard. Price listed above is for 1/2 yard.⁣

Ordering Information⁣

Please order in 1/2 yard increments. One unit = 1/2 yard of fabric. 2 units = 1 yard of fabric. ⁣

Tamara May artwork is inspired by a story or an event in her life, a significant place, a native animal or from someone who touched her heart and left her feeling inspired. Her art is a way of expressing herself and finding the works that don’t always come easily. Tamara is a well-known experienced Aboriginal Artist. —M & S Textiles Australia

Aboriginal Art is one of the more ancient traditional arts in the world, going back approximately 50,000 years. In early days, Aboriginals did cave painting, rock painting, and sand or ground painting. The newer generations use acrylic paints on canvas to portray their Dreamtime. These Aboriginal artworks are sought after not only in Australia but worldwide. According to Aboriginal mythology, Dreamtime is the era when the world was dark. There was nothing on earth; the soil was soft. This was when the forefathers sprang up from underneath the soil and started building most of the requirements for their needs and that of future generations. They built mountains, rivers, waterholes, trees, and light gardens. —M & S Textiles Australia